Kentucky Teen Settles Lawsuit After She Loses Feet In Roller Coaster Accident

Roller coaster injuries fall from thrill rides, or injuries caused by workers’ unsafe practices can all have devastating consequences. Our Ohio amusement park injury attorneys handle cases where people are injured at amusement parks, and they see how serious these injuries can be.

Kaitlyn Lasitter, a teenager from Kentucky, received a settlement from a Six Flags Amusement Park after her feet were severed during a thrill ride in June 2007. The ride malfunctioned, causing a cable to snap, swing down, and cut off the 13-year-old’s feet.

Her parents later sued the Kentucky amusement park for negligence and failure to properly test, inspect, maintain, and operate the ride. The lawsuit states that if the machine operator had pressed the emergency stop button right away, Kaitlyn probably would have only suffered cuts and scrapes.

Doctors were able to reattach her right foot, but part of her left leg had to amputated. The settlement, which is to be kept confidential, will provide lifetime care for the girl.

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