Keep Your Holiday’s Safe And Fun!

It is that time of year again-holiday season. Here at The Charles Boyk Law Offices, we are anxiously awaiting another festive-filled season of turkeys, elves and Santa, we cannot forget to remember the dangers and safety concerns that arise every year. We must be weary of “Black Friday” as it approaches and learn all the precautions we can take to avoid any mishaps that may put a damper on our holiday shopping.

Don’t worry though! We have gone the extra mile to give you some tips to make your holiday season another family filled, loving season. These shopping and driving tips will help make for a better holiday experience and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim and keeping others safe around you.

During the shopping season, shop early! When heading out for a day of shopping leave plenty of time to anticipate any traffic and crowded parking lots. Never leave anything in your car that could be seen by a burglar-leave all valuables that you don’t need at home and take what you do need with you while you shop. Leaving a bag in sight is a welcome sign to burglars in the area.

Know your surroundings where ever you decide to shop or run errands and park in well-lit areas if you must do some shopping at night. Again do not give any reasons for a culprit to make you their next victim. Always have your keys out and ready when walking back to your car. If you suspect a suspicious person approaching you, call attention to yourself. This way others will see what is happening or become aware and the suspect will most likely flee.

Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate and bring family and friends together. Just remember to be safe and if you are consuming alcoholic beverages, make sure to always have a designated driver or call a cab. The one night of fun and merriness is not worth the one accident that could hurt you or someone else. Most cabs are about a $10 ride depending on the distance. Or you never know Santa might be in the area and have room to fly you home.

The busiest days of the year for traffic are the days before Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are driving on these days, remember some basic safety precautions.

  1. Always wear a seat belt-Click it or Ticket!
  2. Give enough time for heavy traffic and have patience for any delays
  3. Check for the weather conditions along your route
  4. Make sure all children passengers are safely secured
  5. Don’t try to multi-task while driving!
  6. Use cruise control to prevent speeding
  7. If you can, work permitting, try and leave a day earlier, such as the Tuesday before Thanksgiving instead.
  8. If you are driving a long distance, make sure to not rely on caffeine beverages to keep you awake. They will eventually wear off and the hazards of you falling asleep are too much of a risk to you and other drivers around you.
  9. Every year there are tragedies on the road ways or someone’s gifts being stolen. Be a smart shopper and driver this year. Follow these tips we have put together and reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

From everyone here at The Charles Boyk Law Offices, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC