Attorney Charles Boyk Shares His Personal Experience’s After Handling Thousands Of Personal Injury Cases

Attorney Charles Boyk Shares His Personal Experience’s After Handling Thousands Of Personal Injury Cases

To have your child suffer from a serious injury or death is one of the worst nightmares imaginable for parents. Serious accidents are something that we all hope we are never affected by, and oftentimes people believe that this sort of thing could never happen to someone they love.

During the summer of 2010, Attorney Charles Boyk went through a very unfortunate experience when his son was involved in a serious accident. No longer on the attorney side of the case, Charles was now the parent of the child involved in the accident. This process taught him many things, and he has agreed to share them in the book, I’ve Stood in Your Shoes.

As a practicing Ohio attorney for 29 years, Charles Boyk has handled thousands of personal injury cases. But, on August 9, 2010, Attorney Boyk’s life was changed when a local swimming club failed to follow basic safety rules, leading to one of his children being critically injured. At this point, Charles was no longer the Ohio Personal Injury Attorney; he was the parent, scared for his child’s safety. His eight-year-old son, Joshua, fell from a faulty 10-foot-high diving board, onto his head, and was seriously injured.

Joshua suffered bleeding from his brain and spent a total of twenty-one days in the hospital. After undergoing two brain surgeries and contracting meningitis, he ended up with an injury that will affect him for the rest of his life.

As a concerned parent supporting his child throughout this traumatic experience, Charles had the opportunity to learn what it was like to be in the position that many of clients had been in. He had to deal with an insurance company refusing to accept liability, and watch as the defendant expressed that they did nothing wrong. Charles was frustrated as specialists evaluated his son in attempts to say that he was fine, and defense lawyers fought to have his son’s case reduced to low settlement offers and even be thrown out of court.

Throughout this process, Charles was able to learn how difficult the entire process is from the parent’s standpoint. This experience has helped him to be able to empathize with his clients and bring them comfort throughout the legal process.

Attorney Charles Boyk learned a series of lessons from this experience, as he shares in the free book, I’ve Stood in Your Shoes. We will highlight those lessons in a series of blog posts on the firm’s website in efforts to further help other concerned and confused parents that may be going through a similar process.

If you would like the full copy of the free book, I’ve Stood in Your Shoes, including all 16 lessons that Attorney Charles Boyk learned, visit our website and order your copy today.

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