Injured In Boating Accident

Injured In Boating Accident

Northwest Ohio is conveniently located on Lake Erie, making boating a favorite recreational activity for many throughout the summer months. While boating usually brings memories of sun, fun, and wind in the hair, they can also cause very serious injuries. Our boating accident lawyers have represented injured victims in the past, helping them to receive compensation for the injuries that have been sustained.

When it comes to boating accidents, there are several reasons that they may occur. Many of the reasons why boating accidents occur are preventable as they are caused by the negligence of an individual. Our law office would like to help spread awareness of the dangers of boating and the likelihood of accidents occurring in hopes to reduce the number of boating injuries that occur in our area.

Boating Accident Statistics

In the August 2014 JereBeasley Report, boating accident statistics are highlighted. The article, An Update on Boating Accidents highlights statistics from 2013 in which 4,062 boating accidents were reported to the U.S. Coast Guard and of those accdients, 2,620 resulted in injuries while 560 resulted in death.

These stats are very surprising to many who never consider the risk of becoming involved in an accident while out on the water. As explained by the JereBeasley Report, these numbers are actually 10 percent lower than those of 2012.

One of the biggest causes for fatality in boating accidents is drowning and 84 percent of the victims who have drowned in a boating accident were not wearing life jackets at the time. Our boating accident lawyers want to stress the importance of safety equipment when boating and remind readers of the importance of life jackets.

Alcohol & Boating Accidents

Another common cause of boating accidents is alcohol consumption. This is the leading factor of fatal boating accidents, yet it is completely preventable. Our accident lawyers remind boaters and passengers to be safe on the water. Just as it isn’t safe to be in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking, it is not safe to be on a boat with them. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was caused by a boating accident in which the operator of the watercraft was under the influence of alcohol, call our boating accident lawyers at 800.637.8170. We can help you to navigate through the legal process and ensure that you and your family receive the compensation that is deserved.

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