Hunting Education Provided By The ONDR

Being educated about hunting, before going out in your tree stands and out in the woods, is a good idea. We found this information about hunter education from the ONDR website.

What kind of hunter education is available?

The Division of Wildlife offers three types of certification courses: instructor-led training, home-study courses, and proficiency testing for those 18 and older.

While hunter education is a vital part of becoming an Ohio hunter, new hunters also have the option of hunting with an apprentice hunting license before taking a hunter education course.

How much does it cost?

Hunter education in Ohio is free of charge!

Which course is right for me?

Instructor-led courses last about 8-12 hours, and take place in a classroom environment. Home-study lets you work at your own pace, but may take more time (a 3- to 4-hour classroom training and completion session is required). Proficiency testing is only for those with previous knowledge of hunting and firearms.

Where is hunter education available?

Classroom courses are provided in each of Ohio’s 88 counties at various times of the year.

Who teaches classroom instruction?

Certified volunteers and the Division of Wildlife teach our courses. They are specially trained and highly qualified to help you learn.

How does home-study work?

All home-study guides are available on this website as downloadable PDF format. Each includes a chapter review quiz, which must be presented at a final in-person completion session. Completion sessions usually last 4 hours, and include the same 100-question final test as the instructor-led course.Ohio residents who are age 18 or older can test out of hunter education by attending a home study completion session. Hunting and shooting experience is required.

What about trapper education?

Trapper education is through both instructor-led and home study courses.

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