How Much Are The Small Smiles Cases Worth?

While we believe that any child abuse suffered by a Small Smile patient is horrible, no exact amount has been established as settlement for these claims.

Like all personal injury cases, settlement offers are determined primarily on the amount of damages suffered by the injured party. In the event of the Small Smiles cases, settlement may be determined by the number of unnecessary procedures the child received and how that child was treated during their visits.

For example, some settlement offers may be different for child who received a root canal under general anesthesia versus a child that received 10 silver caps without pain medication while papoosed.

The companies settling the Small Smiles claims will take into consideration the following:

  • Number of fillings
  • Number of root canals
  • Number of crowns or caps
  • Number of extractions or the amount of tooth removal
  • Number of treatments performed in the same quadrant of the mouth at the same time or during the same visit
  • Whether the child was held down, strapped-down, or papoosed
  • Whether or not the parent was allowed in the back during the procedures
  • The behavior the child exhibited during his or her visit. This can include whether or not the child vomited for urinated while the dentist was working on his or her mouth
  • Whether or not the child was given any numbing agents or pain medication
  • The type of problems your child is experiencing now, including fear of dentists, anxiety over receiving medical or dental treatment and/or nightmares
  • Whether or not these fears or anxiety require the parent to seek professional help for the child

With the help of our pediatric dental expert, we will be able to determine whether or not the settlement offer from the responsible party is fair.

If your child was abused as a patient of a Small Smiles dental center, it is imperative to seek additional information. Even if your child did not receive all of the above, that does not mean that he or she does not have a claim. Call us at 888.888.2110 and we would be happy to schedule your complimentary case evaluation and provide you with your legal rights. You may also fill out the online form and request your free copy of our book, Small Smiles, Big Injuries: A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Small Smiles Abuse. Call or click today.

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