How A Personal Injury Case Works: Staying In Touch

The lawyers at our office have represented countless accident victims, helping them to reach favorable settlements for the injuries that they have sustained. Oftentimes the negligence or lack of care of another individual can affect another individual’s life in the form of lifelong injuries, rising medical expenses, or even the loss of a loved one. Our lawyers are dedicated to our clients, helping them to receive compensation that they deserve for whatever the outcome was of the accident that they or their loved one was involved in.

Since we represent so many personal injury clients and we believe that they should be knowledgeable of the claims process, we compiled a list that includes the steps that are involved in a personal injury case. We provide this document to them at the beginning of their case so they can be fully aware of what the process will be like.

The attorneys at our office decided that sharing this document with explanation would also be beneficial to other accident victims who are searching for information. Below is a the list of past blog posts that include steps of the process.

The final steps that are involved in the personal injury case process is staying in touch with your lawyer. The attorneys at our office respect clients and get to know them very well throughout the case. We are sure to stay in touch with clients even after their case is settled. Here’s how.

Steps in a Personal Injury Case

25. Free books, tapes, CDs, and special reports will be available to you on subjects such as auto accident injuries, dog bites, trucking accidents, and workers’ compensation claims.

We want you to have a wealth of knowledge when you work with us. Having information regarding a variety of accidents on hand can help you in the event that something happens to you or your loved one. We also believe that knowledge is power, so we share our attorney’s knowledge with our clients.

26. Our toll-free 800 number may be called 24 hours a day to request our books and other information.

Once again, we want to be available to you whenever you need us. If you or someone you know need to request information or speak to an attorney, simply call us and we will help you as soon as we can. We want our clients to know that they are number one and without them, our office would be nothing!

27. We will enroll you in our free key protection program. If you lose your keys, we’ll pay a reward to anyone who returns them to our office.

We all know that losing our keys is one of the most frustrating things, but it is likely to happen at least once to each and every one of us. By enrolling you in our free key protection program, some of the frustration may be avoided!

28. Our clients and past clients are encouraged to come to us with any legal question or concern they may have while they are a client and any time after they have been a client. We do not charge for this service. We will either help you, or find someone who can.

We will never charge for helping our clients or past clients with their legal questions. Sharing our knowledge with you is something that we do because we sincerely want to help as many people as we can. Keeping information locked away is not the type of law office that we are. We are on the same level with the individuals we represent and by openly sharing information; we believe that they feel that way as well.

If you have been involved in an accident or someone you love has been injured in an accident, the first thing you should do is seek the information that you need to make the proper decisions. Call us at 800.637.8170 to request copies of our books and resources, or simply have a conversation with one of our lawyers and ask the questions that you need answers to. We will help you make the decision that will result in you receiving the most favorable settlement. We are here for you, morning, noon and night.

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