Hit By Open Car Riding Bicycle On Toledo Street

Many times during the summer bicyclists are out on the streets of Toledo, taking advantage of the nice weather. When a bicyclist is injured, however, the effects can be devastating. One injury that is seen is when a bicyclist is traveling down the street and a car door is opened into their path.

If you were riding your bike in Toledo and a car door opened into your path and you were injured, you may be wondering what your legal rights are. These types of bicycle accidents can occur on roadway shoulders, parking lots, and sometimes even sidewalks. They can happen to those who are competitive bicyclists all the way to those who were just out for a leisurely bike ride. Injuries in these types of cases can be severe and often include fractured or broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and even death.

When a driver or passenger quickly opens a car door quickly and in the direct path of a bicyclist, the crash is usually unavoidable. If the bicyclist tries to avoid the car door that was flung open, they often crash on the pavement or even ride into the path of another car or bicycle.

After a bicyclist crashes because of an opened car door, the person who opened the door and the car owner can be held liable for the injuries that were caused.

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