GM Plant Fire

Late last Friday at a General Motors plant in Ohio, four people were taken to the hospital after a small fire at the facility.

According to a release by GM, the fire started shortly before 9 p.m. and was traced back to some welding work that was being performed at the plant by contractors. The plant reported that at the time of the incident the facility was staffed lightly and that work had resumed to normal operation on Saturday.

The four that were taken to the hospital were all treated and three of them released. The fourth remained hospitalized due to the injuries.

Liability Questions

Many times in accidents like this the injured and the families are left wondering who is liable and what their legal rights are. In most work injury cases, the worker is able to collect workers’ compensation. In more rare occasions the injured can go directly after the employer to hold them liable. In order to determine if you can hold an employer liable for the damages caused, you would need to consult with an Ohio work injury lawyer to discuss your options. In many cases, whether it is the employer or collecting workers’ compensation, a work injury specialist will be able to help you navigate through the claim in order to secure you the settlement you deserve.

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