Former Truck Driver Receives $2.9 Million For Work Injury










After a long battle, a former truck driver has finally received the settlement he deserves.

In 2003 a 43-year-old truck driver was unloading products from his company’s truck at a distribution location. The lift gate, which is part of the truck located at the rear of the vehicle, was defective and caused the truck driver to lose his balance as it he tried to manage the defective lift gate. The truck driver fell off of the truck and his leg was pinned under some products he was unloading.

Unfortunately the truck driver’s injuries were so severe that he has not been able to work since the accident. As medical bills and living expenses piled up his outlook on life was bleak. Once a productive member of society, he is now unable to perform the duties and responsibilities that his job demands because of the injuries he sustained as result of that defective lift gate. This recovery settlement will help the victim pay for the medical bills and the living expenses as a result of the accident and perhaps give him a little piece of mind as he looks to recover from his injuries.

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