Fatal Nine Dog Mauling










Investigators in Lorain County said the fatal dog attack was a horrible accident.

According to investigators and the police report, Michael Williams, died when he was mauled by a pack of nine dogs that belonged to his father. The attack happened at his father’s house on State Route 511 where Williams was found dead in the driveway.

“My heart breaks,” said the victim’s father. Michael Kywa who also spoke to FOX 8 News, “I wish it happened to me and not to him.”

Kywa wasn’t home when the dogs attacked but they were normally allowed to roam around the fenced-in yard.

Dr. William Fox is the veterinarian who was called to the scene where he said the victim’s dad was clearly distraught. “He was shocked, totally shocked, like all of us about this situation,” said Dr. Fox. “He continually asked me, ‘Why it happened? Why it happened?'”

Fox eventually euthanized seven of the dogs at the scene, where two were already killed by responding officers. “By putting them to sleep, it took a lot of the liabilities away. We probably couldn’t find homes for them, under Ohio laws, any dog that’s attacked a human is considered vicious and dangerous,” said Dr. Fox.

Investigators say the dogs were various breeds, including Mastiff and Pit-bull mixes. Before Tuesday, neighbors like John Schmidt say they never turned on anyone.

The coroner has not ruled on an official cause of death, but that’s likely to be released soon. Investigators say it appears to be a case where the dogs turned on someone but they may never know what triggered the animals.

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