Fan Sues Axl Rose For Concert Injury

Concert Injury

A Guns N’Roses fan is pursuing legal action against Axl Rose due to an injury the fan suffered while at a concert in Australia.

Axl Rose threw his microphone into the crowd during the concert, and the mic then acted like a trajectory and hit the fan, Darren Wright, in the face. Wright’s teeth were damaged and are now in need of dental repair.

The fan doesn’t think that Axl Rose intended to hit him with the microphone, but he still does think that someone should pay his dental bill to get his teeth fixed. The Guns N’Roses tour promoter offered Wright a signed microphone so he would not pursue legal action, but Wright’s dentist estimated the dental bill to be over $5,000.

Legal Issues Surrounding This Accident

Many do not think of possible injury when they purchase a concert ticket, but the reality is that a lot of different concerts and music festivals are host to personal injury. The music artist and venue do play a large role in the concert experience, and they both may contribute to risk of injury.

Have you ever been to a concert in which other attendees were injured? If so, call our personal injury attorneys at 800.637.8170. If an individual is injured due to the actions of another individual, they may be able to collect damages for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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