Don’t Shoot! Ohio Hunting Safety Tips

Our Ohio hunting accident attorneys want to remind all hunters to be careful this fall and winter season in order to prevent any hunting accidents or to prevent any injuries that could have been easily avoided.

Even the most careful and seasoned hunters can be still injured while outdoors. It is important to remember these safety tips to keep you and others free from personal injury or a tragic wrongful death while you’re out hunting.

Guns and bows are serious weapons, and should be treated that way. Always assume that it is loaded and ready to shoot.

Never point your gun or bow at another person, even if you know that it is not loaded. Always point your weapon in a safe direction and keep the safety on until you are ready to shoot.

Clearly identify your target before you shoot, to make absolutely sure you are shooting at another animal and not a person. Never try to climb into a tree stand, or do major maneuvering with a loaded gun – unload it first. Getting somewhere quickly means nothing if a hunting accident occurs and someone gets hurt.

We hope you’ll practice these safety tips to ensure enjoyable times out hunting.

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