Dog Bite Attack At Wildwood Preserve Metropark

There was a dog bite attack on Friday that left two people injured while walking through Wildwood Metropark. The attack involved a stray dog and resulted in both the man and woman in need of hospital treatment.

The dog that was responsible for the incident was described as a large pit bull and was traveling with two other mixed-breed dogs. Park rangers worked with the Lucas County Animal Control and Sylvania Township Police to find the stray dogs, but they were unsuccessful. Animal Control set traps on Friday to capture the dogs as well.

Our office has seen firsthand the effect that a dog bite can have on a victim – both physically and mentally. We wish the victims in this attack a speedy recovery from their injuries.

Dog Bite Attack Information

This serious dog bite attack serves as a reminder to area residents of how dangerous dogs can be. While this incident involved a stray dog, it is possible for family-owned dogs to be just as dangerous.

Our office has posted several blogs about dog bite safety and prevention and we urge you to visit our website to read them. Below is a summary of some of the tips that have been posted. We also remind readers that Pit Bulls are among the most dangerous dogs as they are responsible for a majority of dog bite attacks that result in injury or fatality.

Dog Safety Tips

  • Do not run past a dog – their instinct is to chase something that is running
  • Do not disturb a dog caring for puppies, or one that is eating or sleeping
  • Stay still if a dog approaches to sniff you
  • Remain calm if threatened by a dog; Do not scream, speak calmly, and avoid eye contact
  • Do NOT turn and run away from a dog
  • If knocked to the ground by a dog, curl into a ball with hands protecting your head and neck

For more information on dog bite safety and prevention, visit our blog. If you have been injured by a dog, call our Toledo dog bite lawyers at 800.637.8170.

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