Department Of Transportation To Increase Cable Barriers On Ohio Roads

Department Of Transportation To Increase Cable Barriers On Ohio Roads

As experienced Ohio car accident attorneys, the Charles Boyk legal team knows just how important safety is when getting behind the wheel. While the motorist must take a considerable amount of the responsibility for his or her own driving (and the results that come from it), the state Department of Transportation also has a few safety measures to add of their own.

One of the primary features offered byt he Ohio Department of Transportation are cable barriers, which were first used in the Buckeye State over ten years ago. Currently, there are about 300 miles of barriers but the state is looking to install more as cable barriers are cheaper and less damaging than the original guardrails or concrete barriers. According to law enforcement officials, the fatal cross-media crash rates have significantly decreased as a direct result of the cable barrier installation.

ODOT engineers are looking to add 136 more miles of cable barriers to busy highways and interstates, costing roughly $95,000 per mile. Spokesperson for ODOT, Steve Faulkner, explained that there had only been one fatal crash from a vehicle going across the median where the barriers are. Otherwise, the data has shown that cable barriers are a much safer and more effective method–only 15% of people are injured in collisions involving the cable barriers while 25% are hurt in collisions with a guardrail and 33% with a concrete barrier.

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