Deer Crash Season At Its Peak In Autumn

Now is the time when drivers should be most cautious of deer running in front of their cars. The Ohio Department of Transportation says that, “Fewer daylight hours combined with the increased movement of deer due to mating and hunting seasons, increase the risk of collisions.”

In 2010 there were 23,201 reported deer-vehicle crashes in Ohio. Out of those crashes, 1,063 people were injured and four people were killed. The month with the highest amount of crashes was November.

ODOT has released some tips to help drivers avoid hitting deer. They are:

-Be aware if the deer-crossing signs and drive with extreme caution in those areas.
-If you see one deer near the road, there are likely more to follow.
-Deer are especially prevalent at dawn and right after sunset. Roughly 20% of these crashes are in the early morning while more than half are between 5 p.m. and midnight.
-Always wear seat belts and drive safely.

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