Damages Available To Beneficiaries In An Ohio Wrongful Death Case PART 2

Under state law, there are five damages available to the beneficiaries.

The following are two of the five damages available to beneficiaries:

Loss of support: This refers to the lost earning capacity of the decedent had he or she not died. The factors taken into consideration for loss of support would be the salary at the time of the decedent’s death as well as the amount of money the decedent reasonably could have been expected to earn in the future had the death not occurred. Charts called life tables are used to calculate how long the decedent would have been expected to live based on such factors as age at the time of death, gender, and race.

Loss of services: Damages for loss of services are available to beneficiaries. It’€™s a sort of vague claim, but essentially the law allows beneficiaries to collect compensation for services the decedent provided the beneficiaries. For example, assume Betty was killed as the result of someone’s negligence. If Betty provided daycare for her daughter Leslie’€™s children, Leslie could seek compensation for the money it cost her to secure daycare. That’s not to say that the estate must show all the claimed lost services are attached to a specific dollar amount. The jury can determine a dollar figure for each lost service.

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