Clyde, Ohio Funeral Home Negligence

When someone is dealing with the loss of a loved one, there are numerous things to take care of, such as their estate, financial status, as well as funeral arrangements. It can be overwhelming and difficult for someone in mourning to deal with all of these things.

There are certain human qualities that those in the funeral industry are expected to have, such as sensitivity, humanity, and patience. Although it can be horrible to think, there are some funeral home directors that unfortunately take advantage of their customers during their time of emotional distress.

If you have been the victim of funeral home negligence, call our Clyde negligence attorneysat 800.637.8170. If you were promised funeral home services that were never delivered and were treated unfairly during the funeral arrangement planning, you may have a legitimate legal case.

Our office would like to work to prevent any other individuals from going through such an unfortunate experience. Call our attorneys to help put a stop to funeral home negligence, and to receive compensation for the situation you were put through.

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