Clyde Cancer Cluster In The News

Below are the links to the news stories that Clyde has been in. Click on the link to read the news story.

  • Toledo News Now’s November 24, 2013, article about concerns surrounding Whirlpool Park report.
  • 13abc’s November 24, 2013, article covering neighbors’ reaction to Whirlpool Park testing.
  • Clyde Enterprise’s article regarding the Whirlpool Park testing published on November 2, 2013.
  • The Fremont News Messenger’s October 22 article about the Clyde Cancer Cluster’s involvement in a PBS documentary.
  • The Sandusky Register’s September 14th article regarding the new EPA secretary.
  • The Toledo Blade’s September 4th article about the EPA.
  • The News Messenger’s report on Benzaldehyde.
  • Town Hall Meeting announced for Monday, May 27, 2013, @ 7 PM
  • WTOL’s story on Whirlpool conducting testing in Clyde.
  • The SF Gate’s May 19, 2013, article about the Clyde lawsuit.
  • Toledo Blade’s coverage of the lawsuit filed against Whirpool.
  • Port Clinton News Herald’s coverage of the May 15, 2013, press conference.
  • Toledo News Now Reports on the May 14th filing of a lawsuit in the Clyde Cancer Cluster Case.
  • The Port Clinton News Herald’s May 15th report on the lawsuit filed.
  • 13abc’s May 14th article on what the EPA found in Clyde.
  • Port Clinton News Herald’s May 7, 2013, article about the class-action lawsuit.
  • Toledo Blade’s April 23rd, 2013 article reporting on Whirlpool testing at the park site.
  • The Sandusky Register’s April 23rd, 2013 article regarding the new cancer cluster testing.
  • 19 Action News’ article on cancer cluster victims being upset with the government.
  • Toledo Blade’s article about the Clyde class action lawsuit written on March 29, 2013.
  • Article regarding the filing of cancer cluster lawsuit Posted on March 29, 2013.
  • This article posted on April 8, 2013, by 19 Action News discusses the Clyde cancer victims’ grievances with the government.
  • Article posted on April 8, 2013, by 13abc about the cancer cluster test results.
  • Toledo Blade’s coverage of the cancer cluster data analysis posted on April 9, 2013.
  • The Sandusky Register’s story on  Alan Mortensen and the test results were significant.
  • Coverage on Alan Mortensen and the April 8th press conference.
  • WKYC reporting on the Clyde Cancer Cluster independent testing.
  • 19 Action News’ article on the EPA head going back on her promise.

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