Clyde Cancer Cluster Top Story Of 2013

After years of heartache and unanswered questions in Clyde, families finally got the attention that they deserved.

In 2013, two lawsuits were filed against Whirlpool, Inc., making this the top news story of the year according to the Fremont News Messenger. One of the lawsuits filed against Whirlpool involved our office as we vowed to help families of the cancer cluster find the answers that they’ve been searching for.

The awareness that the Clyde Cancer Cluster received in 2013 helped others to recognize the problem that has affected an Ohio community for years. Attorneys Charles Boyk and Alan Mortensen are helping families in Clyde as they pursue justice against Whirlpool for the alleged business practices that resulted in the illness of many children and adults in Clyde, Ohio.

Visit our Clyde Cancer Cluster page including links to relevant news stories, reports, and videos.

In November, Whirlpool released a 1,608 page report on the testing that was performed at Whirlpool Park. The Executive Summary that was released was believed to have been missing several important facts about the situation. Attorney Charles Boyk shared his opinion on the matter, expressing his belief that a handful of things were missing from the report.

Read our blog post, Attorney Boyk Releases his Opinion to Whirlpool’s Executive Summary to learn all of the things missing from the Executive Summary.

The awareness that the Clyde Cancer Cluster received this year also resulted in its involvement in a documentary that highlights the past, present, and future of cancer. The documentary titled Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies is being produced by filmmaker Ken Burns and his team from Ark Media. It will be aired in three parts on PBS.

Warren and Wendy Brown lost their daughter, Alexa to cancer in 2009. They were both interviewed for the documentary, explaining how childhood cancer affects families with young people. Our office is happy to see this type of exposure brought to the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

To learn more about the Clyde Cancer Cluster, read our blog posts highlighting the subject. We also have several videos, including interviews with the families involved in the cancer cluster.

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