Clyde Cancer Cluster: Don’t Let Your Child Be Next

Dave Hisey spoke at the town hall meeting on Monday about his family’s experience with cancer in the Clyde area. He addressed the issue that some individuals have called him a “money grabber” for being a part of the lawsuit against Whirlpool Inc.

Dave put those thoughts to rest when he spoke at the meeting. He asked those in attendance to picture hospital beds containing the children that have been affected by the cancer cluster lined up in the gym. Then, he asked for everyone to picture some of those beds empty because those are the children that have been taken away from their families after losing their battle with cancer.

This video puts to rest the suspicion of families only being interested in money from a lawsuit. This explains the personal struggles that many have gone through in the area. It explains the heartbreak that parents and siblings have experienced.

The Clyde Cancer Cluster is a tragedy for a small community. It is time to find the culprit of all of the heartache and help those affected to have the answers that they’ve been searching for.

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