Child Accident Causes Severed Feet

According to the Jere Beasley Report, a settlement has been reached between Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and a Louisville, Kentucky teenager and her family after a tragic child accident injury.In June 2007, 13-year-old Kaitlin Lasitter was a passenger on Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s “Superman Tower of Power” ride when the ride malfunctioned, causing a cable to snap and sever Kaitlin’s feet. Doctors were only able to re-attach her right foot. Part of her left leg was amputated.

The exact terms of the settlement between the two parties are being kept private, however, it was stated that the settlement would provide lifetime care for Kaitlin. The Kentucky Kingdom also filed suit against the maker of the cable that malfunctioned, and this case has also settled.

The ride that injured Kaitlin has since been removed from the park and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture reported that the blame was being placed on a faulty cable and the slow response of the ride operator. It also stated that if the operator of the ride had been quicker in reacting to the malfunction, it is most likely that Kaitlin would have only suffered minor injuries.

Kaitlyn has suffered excruciating pain, as she has had to endure numerous surgeries. Kaitlyn, who used to be a soccer and softball player, now struggles with being made fun of, gaining weight due to lack of physical activity, her friends and boys treat her differently, and feels that she is somewhat “missing out on being a teenager.”

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