Child Abuse Caused By 18 Year Old Father

This past summer, Jesus Rivera picked up his 4-month-old son by the leg causing a spiral fracture. He ignored all responsibilities he had, according to the Lucas County Common Pleas Court judge.

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Rivera, 18, has been sentenced to 2 and half years in prison for causing the injury to his son Gabriel. He tried to enter an Alford plea to attempt child endangering. In this plea, the defendant either maintains innocence or does not admit to committing the crime. However, evidence showed to be sufficient for conviction otherwise.

According to officials, the baby was injured when Rivera went to check on his son at about 3 a.m. at Gabriel’s mother’s house. When baby Gabriel screamed, his mother and grandmother tried to calm him down but then noticed something wrong with his leg. When they took Gabriel to the hospital, the doctors discovered that he suffered a spiral fracture in his right femur. Doctors said that the injury could not have been a result of an accident but instead was caused by an abusive manner.

Rivera has apologized in court for the pain he caused his son. He has agreed to attend counseling and parenting classes so he can work on getting custody back when he is out of prison.

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