Cases That The Charles E. Boyk Law Office Handles

Each month our law office shares three cases of interest that we have handled. The November Boyk Bulletin is no different and summarizes three interesting cases that our office has handled. We believe that by sharing these with our readers, we not only provide further legal knowledge but also let people know the kinds of cases and practice areas that we successfully represent.

Man May Lose Ability to Have Children After Being Bit By Dog

A United States Postal worker was doing his job, delivering mail when he was attacked by a Great Dane dog. The dog was unprovoked and ended up biting the postal worker in the groin. He was immediately taken to the hospital where he later spent several nights, had surgery, and was forced to use a catheter.

The dog bite has caused this innocent postal worker several problems. He now has serious bladder issues and may never be able to produce more children.

Women Struck in McDonald’s Parking Lot

A woman walking through a McDonald’s parking lot was struck by a driver who was not paying attention. Out client, the woman who was struck was injured so badly that she has had surgery to her hand and knee and could require many more. She also now needs a halo medical device around her hand and torn nerve in her leg that requires her to be on bed rest.

This case will make anyone who zooms through parking lots think twice the next time that they believe the coast is clear.

Dump Truck Driver injured in Car Accident

A dump truck driver is now facing shoulder surgery and is unable to use his left arm after he was struck by a motorist. Our client was behind the wheel of his dump truck when a driver ran a red light and hit him. He was transported by ambulance to the emergency room for treatment and is now undergoing physical therapy. It is unsure whether or not he will fully recover with therapy, or be forced to have more surgeries.

Cases of Interest

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