Can You Go To Jail For Leaving The Scene Of An Accident In Ohio?

Hit and Run Accident

If a motorist fled the scene of an accident in Ohio, they may be charged with a misdemeanor of the first degree, according to Ohio Revised Code 4549.03.

The driver of a vehicle that is involved in an accident that results in damage to property must stop after the accident occurs. It is imperative to take responsible steps after being involved in an accident, locate the owner of the other vehicle(s), and exchange information with the other driver(s). If a driver damages property and the owners are not present, they have within 24 hours to notify the police of the accident.

Hit and Run Driver

A driver may leave the scene of an accident for several reasons. They could possibly think that they are not liable for the accident, or they just hope that no one will be able to find them afterward. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol may also flee the scene because they do not want to get caught.

Whatever the reason for leaving the scene of an accident is, a driver must take responsibility for their actions. Under Ohio law, the hit and run driver could be charged with a misdemeanor for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Hit and Run Victim

If you are the victim in a hit and run accident, you need an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf. You deserve compensation for any injuries that were sustained in the accident, as well as for any damage that was done to your vehicle.

The hit and run accident attorneys at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices can help you find justice in this unfortunate situation. Our legal team has the resources and skills to deal with insurance companies, and we deliver results to our clients. Call our office to review your case over the phone with an attorney.

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