Boy Drowns In Country Club Pool, Family Awarded $3.75 Million

A Colorado jury has awarded the parents of a 12-year-old boy who drowned in a country club pool $3.75 million. The boy drowned in the shallow end of the pool during a private party on June 6, 2010.

The JereBeasley Report included this case within their Premises Liability Update section. According to the report, there were two lifeguards on duty at the time of the drowning. The 12-year-old boy was found by another boy attending the birthday party. He was at the base of a lifeguard chair that was unmanned.

The lawsuit filed in which the family was awarded $3.75 million alleged that the lifeguards were inattentive and that the country club’s pool safety policies were inadequate.

Premises Liability: Pool Deaths

This accident is very tragic as a young boy lost his life due to the alleged inattentiveness and inadequate policies. Our thoughts go out to the family because no amount of settlement money can bring their son back.

This pool death is an example of premises liability. As we have included in our blog before, there are several different types of accidents that can be considered premises liability. It is the responsibility of the owner or resident of the property to keep the area safe. If someone becomes injured on the property due to the negligence of the owner, a claim can be filed for premises liability.

Premises liability includes everything from a slip and fall accident that is caused by uneven floors, to the above drowning accident at a pool. We also covered a premises liability case within our blog that highlights the death of a swimmer at a hotel pool. The death was caused by an electrical shock that ran through the pool because the electrical system was not up to code.

Our office recommends that anyone who has suffered serious injury due to the unsafe conditions of a property, to call a lawyer. You may have a legitimate premises liability case and our office can help you to receive the settlement or compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

You can reach our lawyers by calling us today. They will be happy to review your case with you and offer guidance regarding the next steps of action you should take toward filing a premises liability claim.

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