Bicyclist Injured At Intersection

Bicyclist Injured At Intersection

With warm weather brings bicyclists on the road, meaning motorists must be aware and share the roadway accordingly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently running a campaign called Share the Road in which they promote motorists being aware of bicyclists and motorcyclists on the roadways.  Through this campaign, the NHTSA hopes to spread work about increasing motorcyclists’ safety and support and enhance motorcycle safety awareness. This also includes the safety of bicyclists on the road as a portion of the road belongs to them as well.

Bicyclist Injuries

Bicycling is a form of transportation, so the laws and regulations apply to bikes as well. The problem is that many motorists do not recognize this, and they do not respect bicyclists on the roadway.

The bike-car accident attorneys at our law office have seen the consequences of motorists not giving bicyclists the road and respect that is deserved. This can result in very serious accidents in which bicyclists and vehicles collide. As you can imagine, an individual on a bicycle is no match for a large vehicle, often resulting in serious injuries for the bicyclist.

Bike-Car Accident at an Intersection

One place in which bike-car accidents may occur is an intersection. Motorists may make a right on red, or not grant a bicyclist the right-of-way when deserved, causing a collision between the bike and the car.

This would be considered a type of failure to yield accident, which our law office has shared a lot of information about. One of the main things about failure to yield accidents is that they can be very dangerous.

Bike-Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured as a bicyclist, being involved in a collision with a vehicle, we recommend that you contact a bike-car accident attorney.

It is likely that serious injuries are sustained in accidents of this nature. The attorneys at our office have helped countless victims to receive the compensation that they deserve for the injuries and pain and suffering that they have sustained. To learn more, call our office. We also recommend requesting a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book when you call in to serve as your legal guide.

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