Baby Safe Cribs: Is My Child At Risk?

A recent report shows that 26 children are injured in crib-related accidents everyday. Some ways to prevent this is to not purchase antique or used cribs because they could be missing important parts or have openings in them that endanger the child. Watch for posts on the ends of the cribs and to not get wide slats because the baby’s head could get stuck.

Maintenance is another major way to keep your child safe. Keep an eye on if anything becomes loose, paint starts to chip, and make sure the mattress is not getting old or the height of the mattress allows the child to crawl out.

Finally do not have anything that can strangle or suffocate the baby while they are sleeping. Such as stuffed animals, pillows, or blankets. Also have your child sleep on their back when putting them to sleep because this makes it less likely for them to develop SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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