Attorney Charles Boyk Describes His Personal Journey With Personal Injury

Posted on 02/04/2016

The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices believe that knowledge is power so we make a strong effort to educate our clients so we can work together and ultimately achieve the best result. Our attorneys have written nine books that are offered for free to anyone that is interested, which are meant to help the clients with their legal journey. The nine books written include the following:

The newest book released is I’ve Stood In Your Shoes which explains Chuck’s personal journey of going from a personal injury attorney to a personal injury client when his son suffered a serious brain injury. Chuck’s son fell from a 10 ft. diving board in 2010, and the book takes the readers through the legal journey that his son and family went through. The advantage of the process Chuck went through is that he is now able to understand the way that the client feels in this type of situation.

The book contains 16 lessons that Chuck learned while being a personal injury client and he believes that these lessons will also help you through the legal process. You can visit the law office’s website to order your free copy of the book, I’ve Stood In Your Shoes, and read through Chuck’s personal journey.