Ask Yourself: What Should I Have In My CarIn Case Of An Emergency?

There are a couple things you should make sure you have in your vehicle in case of emergency or car accident. The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC can provide you a FREE Accident Kit. The Charles Boyk Accident Kit provides informational tips on what you should do if you were in an accident. It also includes a key light, pen, plastic bag for your belongings, and information sheets so you can write down the other parties’ information.The attorneys at The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC have also created an Accident App. The Accident App has the same features as our popular Accident Kit. You can download the FREE Accident App today!

You should also have in your car some of the following materials in case of bad weather.

• Bag of abrasive material (sand, salt, cat litter) or traction mats
• Snow shovel
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Window washer solvent
• Ice scraper with brush
• Cloth or roll of paper towels
• Jumper cables
• Extra warm clothing (gloves, hats, scarves)
• Blankets
• Warning devices (flares or triangles)
• Drinking water
• Non-perishable snacks for both human and pet passengers
• First-aid kit
• Basic toolkit (screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrench)
• Mobile phone and car charger pre-programmed with rescue apps and important phone numbers including family and emergency services as well as the FREE Accident App.


If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, call our Toledo, Ohio car accident attorneys at toll-free 800.637.8170 for a free case evaluation or to request your FREE copy of The Ohio Accident Book.

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