Apartment Not Equipped With Working Smoke Detectors

Apartment Not Equipped With Working Smoke Detectors

Our Toledo wrongful death lawyers filed suit in Wood County Court of Common Pleas this week in a case involving the Ohio accidental death of Ronald Perez, 45.

Mr. Perez died in an Ohio apartment fire in Weston last July, as did his friend and neighbor, Jimmy White, 69. Onlookers believe that it was Mr. Perez who could be seen in the second story window, hair, and body on fire, screaming for help, before going back into the burning building to save his friend.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Ronald Perez’s father, Abel Perez, Sr., claims that the apartment where Ronald lived was not equipped with working smoke detectors. The suit states that apartment owner Daniel Van Vorhis “owed a duty of care” to supply the building with working smoke detectors, and comply with all applicable building, housing, health, and safety codes.

According to a Toledo Blade article from July, many of the neighbors did not awaken until they heard firefighters trying to fight the blaze, which was producing flames 80 feet high.

Our Toledo premises liability lawyers know how important the role smoke detectors play in saving lives during a fire, and urge everyone, renters and homeowners alike, to regularly test their smoke detectors. Notify your landlord if you feel that you are not properly protected from potential fires – you have a right to be safe where you live.

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