An Update On Yaz And Yasmin Litigation In Ohio

An Update On Yaz And Yasmin Litigation In Ohio

The Ohio injury lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices currently represent clients who have sustained injuries due to Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills and are committed to updating the public as to any updates in related litigation.

On December 8th, 2011, the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisor Committee overwhelmingly concluded that Bayer should warn users of the 4th generation, drospirenone-containing oral birth control pills, as Yaz and Yasmin put users at a higher risk for blood clots than that of users of the 2nd generation birth control pills. Furthermore, regulatory officials in Europe had also required Bayer to change its warning label to accurately reflect the increased risk of blood clots with Yaz and Yasmin usage.

Unsealed court documents indicate that Bayer withheld safety data from the FDA during the approval process for Yasmin. David Kessler, a former FDA Commissioner, stated in his report filed in the Yaz/Yasmin Multidistrict Litigation that Bayer withheld adverse information from the FDA in order to gain marketing approval for Yasmin in 2001. During the committee meeting, the advisory panel heard presentations from the FDA and various independent studies that also show that drospirenone-containing birth control pills double the risk of blood clots when compared with 2nd generation pills. Bayer presented data to the panel to defend its drospirenone-brand. Only the studies funded by Bayer state that Yaz or Yasmin show no potential increases in risk to users.

At this time, over 10,000 Yaz/Yasmin lawsuit cases have been filed against Bayer.

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