According To Mother, Yaz Nearly Kills Daughter

The cases against Bayer continue to increase. This time the victim of Yaz was a 15 year old girl from Pittsburgh. Her mother states that her daughter nearly died because of what Yaz did to her.

Fifteen year old Katie had been taking Yaz for six months when she began experiencing severe chest pain and the feeling like she was being suffocated. The mother told the local news channel that her daughter’s face was even changing colors. Three times Katie went into cardiac arrest including one time when it took them ten minutes to revive her. They found two large blood clots in each pulmonary artery.

The mother worries that the daughter will possibly have lifelong medical problems. Bayer defended themselves in this case and said that the side effects are no different than any other oral contraceptive, even though in their marketing they severely downplay the risks of taking Yaz.

Unfortunately, Katie is not the only one who has suffered these types of injuries. Our Ohio lawyers can help you if have been involved in an injury like this. Call today to request your free case evaluation with one of our Yaz injury lawyers.

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