A Deer Hunter’s Do’s And Don’ts Part 2

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC would like to provide you with some information about deer hunting to keep you and your family & friends safe this hunting season. Here are some things to keep in mind this hunting season.

A Hunter CAN do the following:

  1. Field dress a deer before transporting to an official deer check station for final inspection and tagging as long as the head remains attached to the body.
  2. Aid or assist another hunter who is hunting deer if the temporary tag has been removed from their deer permit as long as he or she does not carry any hunting device commonly used to kill wild animals and has a valid hunting license. Those persons exempted from having a hunting license and deer permits for deer hunting on their property are required to have a hunting license and deer permit to aid another hunter or hunt deer off of their property.
  3. Use certain handguns during the youth deer gun season and deer gun season. These handguns must: (a) have a barrel length of not less than 5 inches, (b) use straight-walled cartridges (no shoulder/ neck; straight-tapered wall is acceptable) and (c) be .357 caliber or larger.
  4. Leave a deer or deer parts with a taxidermist, fur buyer, cold storage, locker plant, or meat processing plant as long as a tag or seal is attached to it that lists the owner’s name and address and the date and place where the deer was killed. Persons receiving deer from another person must keep records with the owner’s name and address, the date, time, and place where the deer was legally taken and the date it was received.
  5. Take more than one deer per day as long as each deer has been tagged with a temporary tag before hunting for the next deer.
  6. Hunt deer over bait except on public land (see Page 37).
  7. Possess a communication device as long as you do not use the device to aid a person in pursuing or taking of deer.
  8. Hunt coyote and wild boar during the deer gun season and statewide muzzleloader deer season with a hunting license and a valid deer permit, using firearms legal for deer hunting while visibly wearing a vest,
    coat, jacket or coverall colored solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange. A valid deer permit is a deer permit, with temporary tag attached, and valid for the zone or unit being hunted.
  9. Hunt other wild animals other than deer, coyotes, or wild boar during the Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19 gun season, as long as they possess no shot shells larger than number four shot and comply with hunter orange requirements. No one may hunt with a rifle other than a muzzle loading rifle legal for deer, or posses rifle ammunition.
  10. Use a leashed dog to recover wounded deer.
  11. Deer archery hunt during the youth deer gun season, if the archery hunter is not accompanying a hunter participating in the youth deer gun season

We obtained this information from the Ohio DNR website under wildlife.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC