5k Race In Memory Of Clyde Cancer Cluster Victim

The 4th Annual Alexa Brown Memorial 5k was held on September 21, 2013 in Clyde, Ohio. Hundreds of local supporters joined in the race, pounding the pavement for childhood cancer. The Charles E. Boyk Law Office was there to show their support as well. Our staff participated in the race, proudly wearing our “No One Stands Alone” shirts as we fight to find the answers so many families in Clyde are searching for.

Our law office has joined forces with Attorney Alan Mortensen to represent the families of the Clyde Cancer Cluster. We are working to achieve justice for the families, and throughout the past year, we have grown very close to those we are representing. This race was very important to us as the story of Alexa Brown is one that we hold close to our hearts. We cannot imagine a better way to pay tribute to Alexa Brown while fighting for awareness and justice for those who have been affected by the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

Attorney Alan Mortensen was able to say a few words to our cameras after the race.

“We are in Clyde, Ohio today. It was the Alexa Brown 5k Memorial Run. As you can see there have been a lot of people who came out to support the Browns and to support fighting childhood cancer. It has been really great to see a community come together, unite, organize and raise money for something that has really defined this community for several years. Hopefully this will contribute to the culmination of the problem. In the meantime, it allows everyone to come together to celebrate the community, celebrate the survivors, celebrate the ones that have been lost, and just express love to everyone. It has been a great event and it’s a privilege to be here involved and participate in.”
We urge you to watch the inspiring video that highlights the race. It can be found on our YouTube channel and shows those who particpated in the race, from young children to parents who have lost their own children to cancer. It is amazing to see a community join together for such a cause that has affected them for several years.

To learn more about the Clyde Cancer Cluster, visit the section on our website where we have news articles, blog posts, and videos about the cancer cluster.

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