3 Year Old Victim Murdered And Malnourished

Andrisela Marie Ng, could face up to life in prison if jurors find her guilty of murdering her 3-year-old daughter Gianna Espinoza back in December 2008.

Instead of calling 911 when her bruise-covered daughter had become unresponsive. Andrisela Marie Ng put the also malnourished child on the couch and called her husband at work.

Her husband Englebert Ng rushed home about fourteen minutes later and he then at that time called the authorities. But by that time, the child had died.

Andrisela said that her child was upstairs playing with a sibling and she fell off the bed. Investigators later measured the bed the child was alleged by her mother to have fallen from and determined it was too low to have caused the head trauma she received.

The detective on the case stated to the jury this past Wednesday when the case went to trial, that the medical examiner said this child had blunt force injuries to the head. This was no accident. It is clear that this death is a homicide.

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