3 Tips For Preventing Deer Accidents

Deer season is officially here in Ohio and if you travel on rural roads, it is likely that you have spotted one at some point in the past few weeks. While deer are something special to see when walking at the park or on a trail, they are something that you do NOT want to see as you sit behind the wheel.

Deer in the Headlights

Did you know that if you see a deer on the road, the worst thing that you can do is swerve your car to avoid it, or to slam on the brakes? By doing so to avoid hitting the deer, you can instead put yourself at risk for hitting another vehicle by veering into traffic or hitting a tree or other object off the side of the road.

Below are 3 tips for preventing a deer-car accident. Please take note of these important tips as you sit behind the wheel this season.

Preventing a Deer-Car Accident

  1. Be aware of deer

Deer are often out at dawn and dusk, so these are the times of the day when you should be aware of their presence. Watch for deer during this time as they often feed along the side of the road. Fall is also the mating season for deer, so you must be especially careful as you operate your vehicle on rural roadways and other areas with deer crossing signs.

  1. Deer Travel Together – Be Prepared

If you see one deer, it is likely that there are more. Deer travel together, in a single file line. If you spot one deer crossing a road, be prepared for others that may be following.

  1. Be cautious in deer-populated areas

There should be warning signs in areas where deer are often found. Watch for these signs as you drive and be cautious in the areas where they are. It is also a good idea to reduce your speed as you drive through these areas in case you have to react quickly if you see one on the roadway.


The important thing for you to remember as you drive through deer populated areas is that it is better to strike a deer and cause damage to your vehicle than it is to veer off of the road or into traffic and cause damage to yourself and to others, which could be serious or fatal. Please keep this in mind throughout the season.

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