11-Year-Old Ohio Burn Victim Urges Kids Not To Play With Fire

One doesn’t need to be an experienced Ohio injury lawyer to know that all accidents have the potential to be life-changing, especially for younger victims. Most often, the children represented by the Charles Boyk Law Offices are amongst the most depressing cases not only because they are the most susceptible to injury but because they are the most likely to suffer long-term affects of an accident.

Miraculously however, one 11 year-old Bishop Smith is one child accident victim in Ohio that is not letting his injuries get him down–instead, he’s attempting to educate his peers.

Despite making case massive strides, Bishop Smith is still recovering from a 2008 Ohio burn accident that left nearly 25 percent of his body covered in third-degree burns. Bishop stated that the pain he went through was so intense it was almost “indescribable.”

When Bishop was 8 years-old, one of his schoolmates that he walks to class with had taken his mother’s lighter to play with. When Bishop went to light it, the wind swept the flame onto his shirt, setting it on fire. A neighbor who heard Bishop’s cries came to the rescue and hosed the boy down with water. As a result of the injuries he sustained in the burn accident, Bishop ended up spending two months in the hospital and three months in physical therapy, complete with another six weeks at Shriners Hospital for Children.

Despite the significant injuries he suffered in the accident, Bishop has become a child safety advocate and is now encouraging his peers to never play with fire explaining: even if it looks fun, the dangers are not worth the risk.

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