10 Years Later: Remembering The Bridge Worker Tragedy

It has been ten years since a tragic accident happened on the Glass City Skyway bridge. Sunday marked the ten year anniversary of the crane collapse that caused the death of four workers.

There was a gathering in Tribute Park on Sunday of friends, family, and co-workers to remember the four men of the Ironworkers Local 55 who lost their lives. They gathered where a sculpture is in the park and had a moment of silence.

One of the people gathered on Sunday recalled the tragic day. “It was really bad. Nobody knew what to do. So confused,” remembered steelworkers Bob Laub.

The four men who were killed in the accident included Robert Lipinski, Mike Moreau, Mike Phillips, and Arden Clark II. There were also four others injured when the crane collapsed but they survived.

Our office would like our readers to remember these fallen workers as they helped to build something that our community is proud of. We ask our readers to take a moment of silence themselves as they remember this tragic day.

Glass City Skyway

After the accident, construction of the Glass City Skyway was delayed. There was also an additional accident just two months before the bridge opened  in which a fifth construction worker died after falling from a platform.

All five men who died in the process of building the bridge are remembered on a worker’s memorial in Tribute Park.

Toledo Fatal Accidents

This is one of the most memorable construction accidents that our area has experienced. Our office helps victims of construction accidents on a regular basis and we have seen the heartache that such accidents bring families.

If anyone has questions regarding construction accidents and the options that the victims and their families have, we urge them to give our attorneys a call. We would be happy to explain all of the options that they have

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