Where Are They Now? Boyk Law Clerks of the Past

Law Clerks play an important role in the legal system. They are usually new attorneys or law students who provide essential services for a judge, established attorney or a law firm. They often conduct legal research into prior cases and judgments, pouring over law books and journals. Boyk Law has benefitted from the hard work of several Law Clerks over the years, many of which have gone on to successful careers both in and outside the law.

Duff Milkie earned his degree from the University of Toledo College of Law and clerked for Chuck Boyk from 1990-91. Chuck remembers him as, “smart, funny and great with people.” He went on to a very successful career in Entertainment and Hospitality Law. He was the General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Business Development for Cedar Fair Entertainment, the parent company of Cedar Point, King’s Island, and other amusement resorts nationwide. “Working with Chuck was a great experience for a young attorney.   Chuck was a willing teacher and he assigned matters that challenged you to grow.  The daily task organization system he used is something that I have used for my entire career.” said Milkie.

Lorain County Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark A. Betleski, clerked for Chuck in the mid-’80s. “I remember him as emotionally intelligent, funny, and very entertaining,” says Chuck. “He moved back home to Lorain, Ohio where he has been a Common Pleas Judge since 1999.”

Eric M. Schooley served as a law clerk and later as an attorney with Chuck from 1996-99. “He did excellent work and was a great communicator. He is now a Municipal Court Judge in Madison County, in London, Ohio, west of Columbus.”

Monica Zoltanski was a clerk with Boyk Law from 1995-96. According to Chuck, “She had great emotional intelligence and common sense. She always wanted to help people.” She moved to Sandy, Utah in 1996. She worked as City Prosecutor and served on City Council. In November 2021 she was elected as Sandy, Utah’s first female Mayor.

“Working at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices as a law student was a great opportunity to learn from experienced and dedicated attorneys,” recalls Mayor Zoltanski. “The skills I learned shaped my law career and set a high standard for client service. In my new role as the Mayor of Sandy City, I still draw on the experiences of professionalism and teamwork demonstrated by Chuck Boyk. It was a great work environment and a wonderful experience. Twenty-five years later, I am still friends with the people I worked with during my clerkship in the law office.”

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