Statute of Limitations For Medical Malpractice Claims in Ohio

Medical malpractice is one subject receiving plenty of attention from state and federal lawmakers today. Unfortunately, most of that attention is going in favor of the medical establishment, and against those who’ve suffered serious physical harm and wrongful death as a result of poor and incompetent care from medical professionals.

Fueled by the intense and relentless lobbying efforts of insurance companies, legislative agendas designed to limit the liability doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical professionals face in cases of medical malpractice have been gaining substantial ground during the past ten years. Today, the medical establishment is pushing harder than ever before to make issues like patients’ rights and legal recourse for medical malpractice victims a distant memory. Backed by a sympathetic Republican administration and Congress, they are succeeding in their efforts. Luckily, a Toledo medical malpractice lawyer is available to fight for those injured and hold the negligent parties responsible. To get started with your claim, consult with a Toledo injury lawyer today.

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