I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver: Keandre Gilmer

A drunk driver can change someone’s life forever. Keandre Gilmer was hit by a drunk driver. The accident was devastating to him and fatal to the other driver. Luckily, he survived but suffered injuries from shattered glass hitting his face and back. This left him with medical bills and damage he could not pay without help. His mentor set up a meeting with local Toledo car accident lawyer Charles Boyk.

From that moment on, he built a relationship with Charles Boyk and his staff. They helped guide him through the legal process. Every time he had a question, they were there to help him find an answer. He enjoyed working with a team of dedicated attorneys who he knew were looking out for his best interests. Charles Boyk has helped thousands of people like Keandre through drunk driving accidents.

Charles Boyk strives to help every client through some of their most difficult times. He understands that after a car accident, victims need more than compensation, they need answers. If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, call an experienced Toledo car accident attorney. Watch Keandre tell his story and, if you have questions about a claim, speak with Charles Boyk.

I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver – YouTube (360p)

Keandre Gilmer: Hi. I’m Keandre Gilmer. I was in an accident last year around March, fatal crash, was hit by a drunk driver. All the glass came, hitting my face and kind of like messing my back up a little. Long story short, I met – was in contact from my mentor, Michael Cale. He got me in with Mr. Chuck Boyk and ever since then, it was a relationship – I’ve built a relationship with Mr. Boyk and his staff and I was happy and I enjoyed my time with him. I would like to say, Mr. Boyk, thank you. I would like to thank Sydney and Ashley. They’ve been a big help. Every time I call, they answer or if they was busy, if I left a message, then they call me back as soon as they got to it. I just want to say thank you and I enjoyed the time I have spent with them, and I’m also happy to be a client of Mr. Boyk’s.

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