Client Testimonial – Dwight Kynard

Dwight Kynard worked with two Toledo personal injury lawyers before he began working with The Law Offices of Charles E. Boyk. As soon as he began working with Charles Boyk, he was able to tell the difference between him and the previous lawyers. Where the other two attorneys failed to secure compensation for Dwight, Charles used his “professionalism and expertise” to help him through a very complex case.

Years after his first accident, Dwight was again struck by a vehicle. As soon as he was well enough, he knew who he would call to represent him. He chose to call Charles Boyk not because he knew Charles would help him recover the compensation, but because he knew Charles would take the time to understand what Dwight is experiencing and would help put him as ease. Charles understands the stresses that Toledo personal injury victims are facing and works to help his clients through their claims so they can focus on their recovery.

Charles Boyk and his team of experienced Toledo personal injury attorneys were able to help Dwight receive compensation for both of his accidents. If you suffered an injury in an accident in Toledo call Charles Boyk for help.

Client Testimonial – Dwight Kynard – YouTube (360p)

Dwight Kynard: There was an accident that I had and I thought it would be a, it was a horrible accident whereby I was run into a telephone poll by a semi-tractor trailer and there was some serious damage done to my body. I consulted an attorney and the attorney that I consulted really did not do the job. So, with that in mind and having gone through a process of about six months and then finding that nothing was really done on my behalf for it to proceed forward, I decided to move forward with another attorney.

So, I did it. I moved forward with a second attorney but it was not Chuck at that time. So, the second attorney that I used – I thought he was reputable. In fact, he was reputable and I thought he was pretty sharp but it turned out that he was kind of lagging behind as well and, obviously, we were not getting the results. So, in a conversation with that second attorney, I simply asked him, “Is there someone else that you can work with as a second attorney that you can bring in to assist you?” because he was going solo, and he took my advice into consideration and, the next thing I knew, I got a call from him and he told me that the Boyk Law Firm would be taking over my case and he would be in the background and that the Boyk Law Firm would take the lead.

So, having had the opportunity to have a consultation with Mr. Boyk, I really felt comfortable because one thing that he did that the other attorneys didn’t do is that he wanted to really understand me as a person and what my needs were outside of the contracts of the accident, and that was important to me because I’m a kidney transplant recipient and he haven’t found that out but then, understanding what my physical condition and limitations were, that felt important to me because he understood that I was not only going through an emotional pain and drama but physical pain and drama as well.

But his professionalism and expertise helped to settle me down and he did an excellent job. It took a number of years for that settlement to take place but, today, I feel that had he not taken that case over because there was a bankruptcy involved with the insurance company that was involved in my case, I would have not received anything. There would have not been any compensation at all for the serious injuries that I sustained as a result of that accident. So, I thank him very much to this day for that.

Seven years to the date of the first accident, I was on my way home from work and, in my vehicle – there, I was at a stoplight and there was a vehicle that was speeding that ran right into the back of me and we don’t understand what this individual that we found out was a guy that was in a band, we don’t understand if he was under the influence of what have you. I mean, that’s – I guess, neither here nor there, that was for the law to handle.

But what I do remember is that I had a broken nose, I had a concussion and I had a fracture on part of my ribs that was really sore and it was excruciating and it brought back memories of that first accident to some extent, but I was extremely happy that it was such to where it was not life-threatening, the transplant kidney is still intact and all of the other major parts of my organs and bodies – of the body was intact. So, I was thankful for that.

While in the hospital, the first person that came to mind was Chuck Boyk. Chuck Boyk was – I mean, without question, I knew that he was going to be the person that was going to be handling my case, not so much as if related to the monetary factor or portion of what he compensated for me as a result of the accident but more so I understood that he was going to understand me and my health concerns and my position, and he was going to put me at ease as he did the first time.

Recognizing all of that to be the case when I was in the hospital, I did not even worry about the case at all because I knew that I was going to be in good hands. It was just a matter of me being well enough to get on that phone and dial those digits and get Chuck on the phone. And once I knew that I would get him on the phone, then I was home free as far as that part was concerned. And he did a great job and the case was resolved like that.

The entire team or his staff and the entire organization here, they were all professional. They were fantastic. They do a great job here and I’ve got to give them props. They’re excellent at what they do and they make you – as I mentioned earlier, they make you feel comfortable in the process of what they’re doing. There’s nothing like that. So, I love these guys here. I really do.

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