She Broke Her Neck & Back – Client Testimonial

Following a devastating car accident, Deborah was left in the hospital with a broken neck, broken back, and a brain injury. She desperately needed help. As she was looking for personal injury lawyers in the Toledo area, she saw an ad for Charles Boyk Law Offices and called them. She immediately saw a difference between how they treated and cared for their clients as opposed to other law firms she had previously worked with.

From their first meeting, she could tell Charles Boyk was concerned about her. He was clearly concerned with what he could do to help her, not just with the financial aspects of her case. Following her brain injury, it was difficult for Deborah to make decisions, but Charles Boyk and his team of experienced car accident lawyers were there to help guide her. Throughout her recovery process, Charles Boyk and his associates were there for Deborah. She felt comfortable knowing they were helping her through the legal and recovery process.

Watch as Deborah explains her time working with Toledo car accident lawyer Charles Boyk. If you or someone you love are in a similar situation to Deborah, do not hesitate to call The Law Offices of Charles Boyk. A team of compassionate Toledo car accident lawyers are ready to answer any questions you may have.

She Broke Her Neck & Back – Client Testimonial – YouTube (360p)

Deborah Claytor: My name’s Deb Claytor and I was in a car accident, May the 29th of 2011 and I had a broken neck, a broken back and was feeding tube for nine months. And, in the hospital, my sister kept bringing me mail. It had all these advertisements from different law firms and she picked one for me because with the brain injury, I really didn’t even know which way to go. And I wasn’t satisfied because I didn’t feel like they had my best interests at heart.

So, one day, I saw this commercial about the Boyk Law Firm and gave them a call. They saw me immediately, brought me in. From the day I walked in, I could tell that it was a warm, friendly environment, that it wasn’t about just the financial aspect of my injuries or the insurance; it was, first, “How are you doing? What can we do to help you along the way?” and that let me know right there that I was in the right place.

You know, I got so much feedback from so many people about, “Do this.” “Do that.” “Call them.” “You’re going to this.” “You’re going to that.” and I was just so confused. But when I came in here, they sat me down, Mr. Boyk, and after that first visit with my daughter and I, I was comfortable. I was comfortable. I knew from then on that he was in the driver seat so I was cool with him. And he told me, “Don’t worry about anything. Just worry about getting better.”

So, that’s what I did. I got better and I’m continuing to get better. And, you know, the bumps in the road with healing are overwhelming sometimes and then the phone rings and it’s somebody from here. That is indescribable, too, because when you get somebody you think that’s a total stranger and you come in here to handle some business and just to know that they’re thinking about you outside of an appointment or outside of a court date or anything or a deposition, preparing you to go to court, these people would call me just out of nowhere just to say, “Hey, Deb. We’re calling to see how you’re doing. You need anything?” and that helped my healing process as well.

It’s hard to explain but just to know that these people have your life on the piece of paper in their hands and they’re looking out for you in every direction, it calms you along the way, takes the fear out of you. They prepare you for everything, questions, answers and that, I know, that I can carry with me for a lifetime. You know? It’s just special to me. My whole life changed from job, to personal life to my physical abilities. My whole life changed.

But I know today that I have more better days than bad days, and just knowing that these people here – everybody. I mean, the paralegals, the secretary, the young maids that answer the phone, the – I mean, everybody here. I don’t know if they’re related or not but everybody is connected all for the common purpose of helping you along the way, you know? And I’m grateful. I’m grateful. I know once this is all over that I can call them. I hope and pray I never have to have another personal injury attorney but, just for some guidance and other areas, legal aspects, I’m grateful to know that I can knock on this door.

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