Toledo Trucker Overcoming Adversity

Brian Eck, a lifelong resident of Northwest Ohio, was driving a truck on July 15, 2020, near Gary, Indiana. Another smaller truck hit him from behind pushing him into a semi-truck. Brian was life flighted to a hospital in Illinois. The result was paraplegia and being wheelchair bound. Brian has fought through physical therapy and daily home health care to make the best of these tragic circumstances.

Our law firm became involved soon after the accident while Brian was hospitalized in Illinois. We had previously represented him on a small injury case beginning in 2000. The initial problem was
locating the Wisconsin defendant and then finding insurance coverage. Another issue arose when another party injured in the accident could not be located. There was a single limit policy which meant the insurance company would not pay until they got a signed release from the missing party. A private investigator found that individual in a remote part of Canada.

We worked with Brian’s wife Anita, to brainstorm ways to achieve the best result possible. We negotiated the medical bills down. We established a Special Needs Trust so Brian can keep all his medical and Medicare medical health benefits. We found an amazing real estate agent, so the Ecks were able to purchase a handicap accessible house.

Brian has a fantastic sense of humor. Anita has been a champion in taking care of Brian. The Ecks are working hard to make the best of the cards they have been dealt.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC