Accident With Uninsured Sandusky Driver


As if being involved in a car accident in Sandusky isn’t stressful enough, when it is an accident with an uninsured Sandusky driver, things can be even more complicated.

Although auto insurance is required under law, some drivers continue to operate vehicles without coverage. The problem with this exists when these uninsured drivers cause accidents that result in injury to another individual. When someone is injured in an accident, they may require medical care and time off of work, among other things.

If you have been injured in a car accident and are unable to collect from the other driver’s insurance policy, the first step is to assess your own insurance policy. Oftentimes auto insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage for accidents of this nature, as well as hit-and-run situations.

Since insurance policy claims can be somewhat difficult to look through, we advise seeking the help of an uninsured motorist claims attorney. They will know exactly how to go about the claims process and help you to receive a settlement for your accident-related expenses.

Contact us if you are filing an uninsured motorist claim. Our attorneys will go over your case with you over the phone and suggest the steps to be taken to receive compensation.  Consult with an experienced and dedicated Toledo car accident lawyer.


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