Perrysburg Types of Car Accidents

There are two different types of car accidents in Ohio:

First-Party Car Accident Lawsuit

This type of lawsuit occurs when an under-insured or uninsured motorist makes an insurance claim against their own company. Or, they could be a passenger in a vehicle and are making the claim against the insurance company of the vehicle they were in.

Third-Party Car Accident Lawsuit

This type of lawsuit occurs when the injured person files a claim against the driver in the at-fault vehicle of the accident. Knowing Perrysburg types of car accidents can be critical to properly pursuing one’s case.

Dealing with Insurance after a Car-Related Injury

The most important piece of advice for someone who has just been in an accident is to not underestimate the insurance adjusters who contact them. Insurance adjusters handle claims for a living. They are judged by their bosses by how they settle claims and by how much money they saved for the company. This does not make them bad people; they are just doing their jobs and looking out for the best interests of their employers.

When an adjuster representing the person who caused the accident calls, it is important to remember where their loyalties lie. They will likely be extremely pleasant, but they have one goal, which is to settle someone’s claim as cheaply as possible.

They do this for a living, all day and every day. Because this is probably the first time the injured party has been an accident victim, however, they are at an obvious disadvantage. It can be critical to hire a lawyer who deals with insurance companies daily.

Contact a Legal Team

It is up to you and your Ohio personal injury lawyer to look out for your interests. Insurance companies have gotten rich by collecting as much money as possible from all of us while trying to avoid making fair settlements with people suffering from accidents they did not cause.

If you have been involved in a Perrysburg car accident, contact us as soon as possible. Our team of experienced car accident lawyers can review your case with you over the phone and then come up with the next steps that should be taken. We want to help you receive the appropriate damages for the pain and suffering that was caused.

You can also order a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book which contains valuable information about Ohio car accidents and can help you through the claims process. You should understand Perrysburg types of car accidents to build an effective claim. Consult with a Toledo car accident attorney.


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