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Commercial bus accidents can involve a variety of groups. Whether it is a college sports team traveling to an away event or a church group on their way to a mission trip, several people can be involved and affected by the accident. A Marbelhead bus accident attorney at our offices has represented those involved in bus accidents, with our focus always being on the victim and their family. We do everything in our power to ensure that the victim receives a favorable settlement for the accident and the resulting injuries and complications.

Causes of Bus Accidents

There are several reasons that a commercial bus accident could occur, including:

  • Negligent bus driver
  • Defective vehicle or vehicle components
  • Other drivers on roadways

With so many children trusted in the hands of the bus drivers, and on bus routes, we can only hope that the proper procedures are in place to ensure safety.

What most people do not know is that a majority of school bus related accidents do not occur when the child is actually on the bus, but instead when they are walking on and off of it. This heightens the need for solid routines, and a step-by-step process for each time a student is getting on the bus, or getting off of the bus.

Some serious school bus accidents have even occurred in parking lots. It does not have to be a busy road for it to be dangerous.

Types of Commercial Companies

  • Charter bus companies
  • Public transportation
  • Party buses
  • Casino buses
  • Bar shuttles
  • Hotel shuttles

Utmost Duty of Care

Bus companies are required to deliver the “utmost duty of care” to passengers, a requirement that comes with being a common carrier. This utmost care is to carry passengers to their final destination in a safe and secure manner. This exists because the passengers themselves have virtually no control over their transportation or the employees of the company that is transporting them.

This utmost duty of care means that the bus company can be held liable for negligence, and passengers have an easier time filing claims against the company.

School Bus Safety

Check with your school district to see what the school bus safety procedure is. Make sure your child is aware of the procedure, and knows the importance of following it.

Also, talk to your child’s bus driver if you feel the need. They will know the procedures enforced by the school district, and can tell you exactly what the routine is with the children.

If there are no procedures in place, there is a definite need for action.

Filing a Bus Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a bus accident and wish to file a claim, we urge you to contact a lawyer to help you through the process. Although the utmost duty of care does help with the process, there are several different steps involved with the claim. You may have to deal with government agencies, bus management firms, insurance companies, and other entities.

Our lawyers know the proper steps to take in the claims process and will do their best to help you receive the settlement you deserve.

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