Powerful Herbicide Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

First introduced in 1962, paraquat dichloride, commonly referred to as “paraquat,” is a toxic, highly poisonous, and fast-acting herbicide product widely used in agriculture to control grasses and weeds. It is so toxic, in fact, that as little as one teaspoon of the chemical can kill a person.

Because of its toxicity, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies paraquat as a “restricted use” product. In the United States, it is available only to commercially licensed users. The product has been banned in Europe since 2007 due to its link to Parkinson’s disease.

Paraquat’s link to causing Parkinson’s in humans is well known. An agricultural health study found a 200 percent increased risk in farmers that mixed or applied paraquat. Another study found that people exposed to paraquat in their teen or young adult years had an increased risk of 200 to 600 percent.

Popular brand names of paraquat include Gramoxone, Firestorm, Cyclone, Helmquat, Parazone, and Para Shot. Anyone who comes into contact with paraquat is at risk. If you have developed Parkinson’s Disease after being exposed to this toxic herbicide, you may have a valid legal claim.

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