What Are Ohio’s Motorcycle Laws?

There are a number of laws that are related to motorcycle equipment and licensing requirements in the state of Ohio. Our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers have put together a list of the most important motorcycle-related laws.

Temporary Permit

Temporary permits may be obtained at an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle’s licensing office. Applicants must take a written test. The temporary permit is good for one year.

Motorcycle Endorsement

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement or license, the rider must take an on-bike exam. The exam covers different skill exercises such as motorcycle control, judgment, and hazard response. Those who take the Motorcycle Ohio Basic Course can skip the on-bike exam if they present a completion card within 60 days of the course’s conclusion.

Those under 18 must take the Motorcycle Ohio Basic Course before they are eligible to take the skills test. They also must complete the same Graduated Driver Licensing program required for driving a car.

Riders are considered a novice for one year after receiving a motorcycle operator’s endorsement or having received a motorcycle operator’s endorsement or having received an endorsement from Ohio or a jurisdiction recognized by Ohio, and must wear a helmet during this period.


All riders under the age of 18, including passengers, must wear a helmet. For those that are over 18, helmets are required for riders that are considered “novice”. Riders are considered novice for one year after they receive their motorcycle operator’s endorsement.

Eye Protection

All riders and passengers must wear safety glasses or some other eye protection like goggles or a face screen no matter what their age.


Motorcycles must have one and no more than two headlights. A tail light and brake light are also required.


Motorcycles must be equipped with a horn that can be heard at least 200 feet away.


At least one rear-view mirror is required

Motorcyclists should be aware of the above laws in Ohio to not only ensure their safety, but also the safety of others on the roadway.

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